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Bug Fixing and Persistence as an Indie Developer

Updated: May 15, 2021

When you work as an indie dev, your resources are limited, your funding is small or non-existent, and you try your best to make things work within your project's scope and timeframe. Sometimes you set out to do something that's a bit tougher than you originally thought. Biting off more than you can chew is fairly normal and relatively understandable, as long as you know how to manage potential lost time and morale.

This is where bug fixing and persistence really shine in the indie world. Being an underdog requires plenty of willpower and focus, and this is something that really seems to help with bug fixing. Recently, our team finally implemented 4-player local co-op. This was our intention for the longest time, but engine-level bugs and a lack of time pushed adding it back by nearly an entire quarter. BUT. . .

We still got it done. Sometimes it really is better to walk away from a problem for a little while. Now, this doesn't mean sweeping a problem under the rug. Taking a break from an issue allows you to reassess and reevaluate a situation. This typically proves to be extremely beneficial, as you can come back to a problem with a renewed sense of spirit, morale, and determination.

Don't give up! Always keep pushing, even if something takes a bit longer than expected.

- Alexander "Hawkins" Croom

The instant we got 4 player support working.

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