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Making the JellyFrog Logo and Team Identification

Trying to find something we all had in common besides a love for creating games and felt personified all of us was a challenge. Instead, we just went with words that we liked the sound and connotation of-JellyFrog. Note: Frog Jelly was a previous iteration but sounded edible and thus, very gross.

Our team was actually quite split when deciding on a final design. We had one that we thought was meemable, one that represented games with the controller design on the back, and the one that we ended up going with, which felt more like a full logo. Choosing the design was so hard because we all really liked most of them, which is a good problem to have.

We have two variations of the final design, the one of the full frog and the one of just his head with “JellyFrog” under him. We think he’s very cute.

- Naomi and Savannah

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