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Creating the Project Pulse logo

For the logo of Project PULSE we wanted to come back to some of the aesthetics that originally inspired us, Vaporwave neon were some of the inspirations. Each version had glow, or something adjacent to it, because glow was a big part of our city aesthetic.

Our original designs were a lot simpler than our later ones. One thing that stayed consistent throughout and we knew we had wanted were the colors of the game-the pink or purple. We also knew we had wanted the text to be generally bold and big.

Ultimately we wanted the design to be more unique and interesting than it had started out as. We started by adding variations of colors within the text, as we agreed it was both visually pleasing and worked well as representing a stage spotlight. The lines behind the text are also visually pleasing, but more than that it references the Vaporwave aesthetic that we had wanted to explore. Our previous logo iteration to the final design had more of the iconic sphere-made-of-lines design (behind the text) that is so associated with Vaporwave. We liked this design a lot, but as with our general art style of the game, wanted to make it more wonky and less perfect. We ended up achieving this by tilting the text and going with a zig-zag design for the lines instead of the perfect sphere.

- Naomi and Savannah

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