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Conceptualizing the Rhythm Attack System

Hello and welcome to the JellyBlog!

To start out our first entry, I figured to first consider what we actually started out with during the development of Project PULSE: The rhythm attack system.

When we were first conceptualizing our newest project, we knew we wanted to break through genres in some way. A lot of iterations and ideas went around the table, from a stealth / management hybrid, to a state-change puzzle game switching through genres.

Games such as Hades have been on our radar, and we noticed the inherent rhythm and flow of some attacks as the player strings them together. What if we smashed that with the rhythm base of Crypt of the Necrodancer?

Of course, we thought about our experiences within the above games. I in particular wanted to give the players an option to attack off-beats and have more freedom in the world unlike Necrodancer, as I felt a constant stress and pressure while playing. Attacking on strong and weak beats to do more or less damage--a concept also in music theory--came naturally as a result.

During the ideation process, we all seemed to enjoy the idea of making a co-op game as well, so what followed was inspiration from games like Rock Band to pick different roles in a band, or just play solo with instruments of your choosing.

We’re still tweaking this combat, adding new features and changing others in order to make the experience truly meaningful and enjoyable for the player. In the end, we’re hoping this will be a new and fun take on where rhythm games can go in the future!

- Zewei

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